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Many people, and archaeologists specifically, disagree with the use of the term "Hieroglyphs" to refer to the writing system of Ancient Egypt. The Rosetta Stone is, in their opinion, clearly a key to unlocking the secrets of the writing system. Scientists of the 1800s who devoted most of their career to the study of the ancient Egyptian language and script have often said that the Rosetta Stone is not a Rosetta Stone but a puzzle stone, a key to be used with the key to a more complete understanding of the ancient Egyptian language and script. Hieroglyphics is the term used by classical writers and later historians to refer to the original writing system used by the ancient Egyptian people. There is no evidence that this writing system was deciphered through the use of any actual physical objects other than the Rosetta Stone itself. The "hieroglyphic Rosetta Stone" is, in fact, a Rosetta Stone and contains the only known example of a genuine Rosetta Stone in the world today.

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By the time the Rosetta Stone was discovered, Egyptologists had already known that the hieroglyphic alphabet was used to write the most important of the ancient Near Easts oldest documents, the ancient Egyptian Mereruka, and thus by 1822, the Rosetta Stone had already spurred some to proclaim the decipherment of hieroglyphic writing accomplished. The mystery was solved, yet for others who came after, Champollion was an accidental hero. After his death in 1832, further attempts at reading hieroglyphics met with no success for 100 years. Champollions breakthroughs were not lost on the 20th-century Egyptologist William Matthew Flinders Petrie, who in 1887 began using the Rosetta Stone to crack the language he knew best, hieroglyphs. He deciphered two other short inscriptions using the Rosetta Stone that had been found at Medinet Habu. He then began work at the beginning of the 20th century to decipher and translate the monuments at the Temple of Ramses the Great. His work was completed in 1900 and is among the great achievements of 19th century Egyptology. Although Champollion provided the key to unlock the hieroglyphic language, he was unable to completely decipher the hieroglyphic script. Even so, his work spurred Egyptologists to take the ancient writing system much more seriously.


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