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What Is The Best Sofa To Buy

Its high-quality construction includes a kiln-dried hardwood frame for long-lasting durability and steel springs to provide support for the cushions. It also stands out for having a just-right medium softness: It's not too plush and not too firm, and the seat is not too upright yet not too relaxed ("relaxed" means a sofa leans back slightly).

what is the best sofa to buy

Although it's pricey, take it from one reviewer on our panel: "I have never paid so much for a sofa. Not even close. But I don't regret a penny. It is fantastic." Another respondent raved, "This is the nicest sofa I have owned!" Our panelists gave it high marks for comfort, support and appearance, saying it looks amazing in their homes. Just note that there were mixed reviews on the materials. Some loved theirs, but others wished it had held up better. You can get free swatches from Pottery Barn if you prefer to review your options before you buy.

It comes only in the gray color pictured, but the hue is neutral enough to complement most spaces. The fabric is a synthetic weave, and users on our panel find that Ashley's upholstery is easy to clean. They also love the comfort and value: The majority of panelists who bought sofas from Ashley gave them high ratings across the board. Beyond that, this model has hundreds of five-star ratings from online reviewers on the Ashley website.

This sofa collection is popular among our panelists, who say it's not only spacious and cozy for family time, but it also holds up well to having kids and pets in the home. In fact, one owner who's had it for four years said, "This sofa still looks as good as the day I bought it." Crate & Barrel's Axis sofas also received high scores for families because of their durability (especially for dog owners), but the Lounge's seats are deeper and plusher.

If your priority is a soft, cloudlike sofa, this is the one for you. On a scale of 1 to 5 (with 5 being the firmest), West Elm rates its Harmony collection as a 1. Good Housekeeping home editors even chose it as the best RH Cloud couch dupe for its ultraplush feel.

Our panelists describe this sofa as "extremely comfortable" and "like sitting on a cloud!" Some shared that it didn't hold up as well over time as they had hoped, but most West Elm couch owners gave the sofas high praise for durability.

The sofa's affordability and its easy-to-clean features helped make owning (and using) the couch stress-free for our reviewers. One told us, "I don't mind that the dog loves to sleep on it." Another said the cover can withstand repeated laundering: "We've probably washed it 100 times, and it's held up beautifully."

For a classic couch that'll probably never go out of style, this popular model from Article looks more sophisticated than relaxed sofas, yet still uses soft cushions for comfort. Though it may not be the best family sofa for lounging, it's ideal for adults, homes that often entertain guests or living rooms where appearance is most important.

Our reviewers highlight this brand's easy ordering process. They also love the sofa's quality and gave feedback like, "The legs are beautiful!" and "The construction seems solid." Some noted that the fabric pills over time, but our textile experts note that it's not surprising, given the blend of synthetic and natural fibers. That said, one of our analysts has had this sofa for years and says the fabric still looks great.

There are also plenty of other pieces in the collection, including a sleeper sofa and an ottoman with hidden storage. Plus, there's a wide variety of fabrics to choose from (you can order free swatches to check them out) and a wood frame with three color options for the legs. On top of that, the brand offers a generous 90-day return period.

Whether you want to create a traditional sofa for a tricky layout or set up a unique couch with more lounging space, Lovesac's innovative system lets you rearrange the furniture at home with endless configuration options. Each seat and side is a separate piece; you pick how many pieces you want in your set to create your perfect layout (pictured here is a three-seat, five-side setup).

RH declares this is "the world's most comfortable sofa," and many users agree: It's one of the most popular styles on the market. Though it's pricey (but worth it!), the brand says it's designed to be super spacious and feel like you're sinking into a cloud. It's also customizable: You choose the frame style, the configuration and the upholstery. And while pricey furniture brands often have weeks- or monthslong lead times, this one can be delivered in a matter of days if you choose one of the in-stock fabrics.

Despite its high cost, owners of the Cloud Sofa told us it was still worth the price. One said, "It's very comfortable and has a deep seat" and highlighted its "good customer service." In general, owners of RH sofas give them high scores for comfort, support, appearance and the feel of the fabric.

This sofa is all about a convenient shopping experience. You buy it online, and each piece gets delivered in a box to your home so you can set it up yourself. The ordering process gives you choices but still feels simple: Pick from five fabric colors, six leg colors, three arm styles, two cushion styles and the option to add a chaise (as pictured) or an ottoman. Plus, it ships in one to three weeks, and there's a 30-day return period.

The boxed delivery is also ideal for apartment buildings with tighter hallways or small doorframes to fit through (along with anyone who plans to move with it). And because it's modular, the optional chaise can move to the left, right or middle seat, depending on what works best in your space.

Burrow sofa owners told us the DIY setup was easy. They also liked the fact that it has unique features (such as a built-in USB port) and a small footprint for apartments. Some noted it looked too small in houses that have more space to fill, and a few said it wasn't as comfortable as other sofas they've owned. On the plus side, one Nomad owner said, "I love the design and the fabric," with others agreeing that they enjoyed the minimalist aesthetic.

For this guide, we sought companies whose sofas hit the sweet spot of durability, comfort, price, and availability of styles. We wanted to find sofas that could be easily ordered online and returned. Though some of the companies we looked at have showrooms or brick-and-mortar stores, the bulk of this guide covers direct-to-consumer companies that sell online.

Shipping & delivery: Shipping is free for orders over $999 and $49 for anything under that. Article also lists box dimensions and weight on each product page. Since the pandemic, Article has introduced contactless delivery as its default option (to your front door). But you can have the sofa delivered to a designated room for $119 and assembled for an additional $80.

What we liked: Compared with other online offerings we tried, BenchMade Modern sofas are relatively expensive. But we think for the price you get better quality, including a lifetime guarantee for the frame.

Shop here if: You want sleek, modular options that you can customize, as well as competitive prices (within the three sofa styles Burrow offers), and you need to maximize seating in a smaller space.

Shipping & delivery: About $150. Floyd tells you the number of boxes and their dimensions and weight before you order. For an extra fee, you can have the sofa delivered to a specific room, but assembly is not available. Updates on shipping-time estimates and delivery are usually accurate.

Consider how many people will regularly sit on the sofa, as well as how they prefer to sit. Larger families or households that regularly host guests may be drawn to a sectional. But two smaller sofas, or a pair of loveseats, can offer the same amount of seating, or more, while being more flexible.

If you have delicate wood floors, carefully consider the legs of your sofa. From experience, we know that hairpin legs can scrape wood floors. As a last resort, a well-placed area rug can keep sofa feet from damaging a floor.

English roll arm: The cushioned yet firm high-back sofa is distinguished by its low contoured arms leaning outward. This style looks best in traditional and transitional decorated spaces that have enough room not to cramp its size.

Chaise: Imagine the seat of an upholstered chair stretched out, and you have the chaise. Traditionally this sofa features one side with an arm and the other side without (aka a méridienne sofa or fainting couch), but many chaise designs forgo arms altogether.

Camelback: The aristocratic profile of the camelback (also called a humpback sofa) is unsurprisingly attributed to the hump at the center of the backrest. Sometimes there are two humps, and the sofa usually sits atop four to eight exposed wood legs.

After a mattress, a sofa is likely the most-used piece of furniture in a home. The quality of the frame, supports, cushions, and upholstery will affect how long a sofa lasts; this is something we elaborate on in our companion piece, Sofa Buying Advice From the People Who Design and Make Them. In brief, this is what to look for.

More than cushioning, the suspension in a sofa is what makes it comfortable. Quality sofas are often made with sinuous springs (S-shaped springs stretched across the skeleton of the wood frame), which give the most bounce and the most motion transfer. Some sofas are supported by fabric poly-webbing, which can be even more durable than sinuous springs, depending on the quality. Very high-end sofas are made with eight-way hand-tied springs, which can do a better job of warding off sagging and squeaking. When testing out a sofa, listen for (and avoid) squeaks or creaks.

Test any sofa without extra pillows; they may hide back-cushioning issues. Sit or lounge how you normally would, and note how it feels over time. If you feel achy after only a few minutes, consider a different style or size. 041b061a72


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