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Don Rodrigo My First Daddy

as he is getting ready for the show, rodrigo carries out his everyday routine which includes packing the day's clothes into a cardboard box. in his wardrobe is a t-shirt bearing the words, 'the most dangerous place to be is between two cool people'; as well as a pair of black shorts. it's a wardrobe you might find in a fellow teenager who is comfortable in their own skin and doesn't feel the need to hide the fact that they are feeling good about themselves. in the past, these words have been quoted back to him by his mother: 'the most dangerous place to be is between two cool people'. he wears the new gold and green guitar case that he made. 'it's a way for people to keep things like my favorite guitar, my camera, my heart and body inside of it, and that no one will ever get into it,' he says. 'they can't take anything out without opening the case and destroying it; it's like a safe but it also makes me feel really comfortable and protected.'

don rodrigo my first daddy

at 8:10pm, the limousine arrives and rodrigo casually gets out. he walks into the wings, where along with his band, are his fellow nominees for best new artist. he looks right at zach butler, who is preparing to perform with iggy pop, as well as tyler joseph of twenty one pilots. all three have also been nominated for their work with the national on 2011's trouble will find me, alongside rodrigo, who is also up for the nod. immediately, his face lights up and as he shakes hands, he tells joseph, 'i just want to thank you for being there for me. and i just want to thank you for your music.' the three men chat briefly before the rock starts the countdown from 10.'..and the winner iszach butler


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